Why TIMIDUS Warehouse Management?

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Decrease operating costs

Data entry using barcode scanner is faster & accurate compared to enter by keyboard. Picked correct items to reduce goods return by customer.

Higher Labour Productivity

Take lesser time for data entry and reports preparation. Take lesser time for stock take. Can check the item details in system without go to physical location.

Improve Customer Service

Warehouse management software can minimize wrong items delivery to customer. Reduce out of stock issue. As system with re-order level function.

Transactions Traceability

System able to list all the activities for the particular items in stock movement report. Generate up-to-date report by system, users.

Maximize Storage Space

With up-to-date data & re-order function to avoid over purchase. Do not required to prepare the reporting manually with TIMIDUS warehouse management

Provide Communication Links

Users able to get the status of transactions and history of the particular order whenever needed.

System Requirements :

  1. Server : Microsoft Windows 7 or above, Memory 8GB RAM and 100GB Free Space Capacity.
  2. Client : Microsoft Windows 7 or above, Memory 4GB RAM, and 10GB Free Space Capacity.

Required Components :

  • MySQL Database Server 4.1 or above (For Server Only)
  • MySQL ODBC Connection Driver
  • MySQL Administrator & Query Browser (Tools For Support Users)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic & Crystal Reports Runtime
  • Windows Mobile Device Center (For Mobile Device Only)
  • Microsoft SQL Compact Edition Driver (For Mobile Device Only)