Looking for Barcode System?

And how our barcode system and tailored warehouse management solution take your business inventory management to the next level? Contact us for more information

cloud based barcode system

Cloud based

TIMIDUS Barcode enable you edit and add new screen / design anytime, anywhere.

easy to use barcode system

Easy to Use

Well organized functionality, easy to use entries and easy to export data to different file formats.

flexible barcode system


With our barcode solution, you are empowered to create your own design for input and output.

Real Time Update

We provide frequent software updates and bug fixing. Any issue, please fill in the form. We'll reply soonest possible.

barcode system compatible with scanner

Compatible with all Brands

TIMIDUS are compatible with all brands of android mobile computers in the market.

Save Your Cost

Instead of custom built a barcode software, you can use TIMIDUS whenever needed on subscription basis.